Post Hole Digger Manufacturer & Supplier


Swaraj Group of industries is the leading post hole digger manufacturer, supplier and offer all kind of digger job works in Telangana. With over more than 15 years of experience in heavy duty industrial fabrication, we are providing the best of best services to the customers in Telanagna and all over INDIA.  Our highly experienced engineers are capable to design and manufacture the digger equipment of any size with superior quality material as per your requirement.  Our durable products for an affordable price and quick delivery of your orders made us a unique manufacturer, supplier and the best digger service provider in Telangana.

Post Hole Digger Manufacturer, Supplier, and Job Works

The major advantage of a post hole digger is to dig a hole in less time and it save time and money on labor.  Our custom-made post hole diggers are easy to handle and fits to any machine. The long-lasting hydraulic gear box, carbon steel bits can be used for long time.

Column Post Hole Digger Manufacturer, Supplier, and Job Works

We have are having a very long experience in manufacturing column digger machines. Column diggers are used for digging the holes and pits with small or heavy materials like columns. It is an advanced technology to dig the holes quickly without any efforts.

Mass Plantation Hole Digger Manufacturer, Supplier and Job Works

Mass plantation hole diggers are highly manufactured & well developed by Swaraj group, it supplies latest advanced technologies for your necessities. Mass plantation digger machine is used to dig the holes at a time and you can quarry the number of plants as much you need. Swaraj group has manufacture different kinds of hole diggers to plant trees. By using hole digger you can plant thousands of trees in just a single day!